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MWF Character THS
Stephen Kerr Ebenezer Scrooge David Weekes
Spencer Bean Charles Dickens/Scrooge’s Nephew Fred Adam Dietlein*
Anthony Lovato Bob Cratchit Benjamin Oldroyd
Ric Starnes Marley’s Ghost/Undertaker/Ghost of Christmas Future Matt Kohler
Alex Vaughn Eben/Party Guest Patrick Hawkins
Mandi Barrus Mrs. Cratchit Kate Rufener
Lauren Pope Belle/Laundress Lauren Von Forell
Jonathan Fifield Ghost of Christmas Present/Old Joe/Poulterer DRU
Jared Dunn Solicitor 1/Mr. Fezziwig David Martin
Christian Lackman Solicitor 2/Party Guest/Octet Tenor 1 Brett Myers
Lori Rees Mrs. Fezziwig/Charwoman Brooklynn Kohler
Katie Lobrot Martha Cratchit/Letitia Fezziwig Cabrielle Andersen
Greyson Richards Dick Wilkins/Martin Chuzzlewit Benjamin Tate
John Nielsen Poor Husband/Octet Tenor 2 Taylor Smith
Lizzy Bean Fred’s Wife/Poor Wife Amelia Rose Moore
Payson Inkley Tiny Tim Cratchit/Young Boy Scrooge Toby Worland
Mia Bagley Ghost of Christmas Past/Turkey Boy Jackie Spendlove
Brandon Gull Peter Cratchit/Boy Scrooge Cairo McGee
Seren Carter Carol Girl/Little Fan/Harriet Cratchit/Want Olivia Dietlein
Jacob Despain Carol Boy/Frederick Cratchit/Thomas Pinch/Ignorance Cameron Dietlein
Emily Duncan Octet Soprano 1 Emily Hawkes
Jennifer Aguirre Octet Soprano 2 Mindi Hansen
Susanna Barnes Octet Alto 1 Emily Roh
Luana Parkes Octet Alto 2 Erin Worland
Ryan Withers Octet Bass 1 Michael Von Forell
Brandan Ngo Octet Bass 2 Matthew Varelia
 *The M,W,F cast also performs the Saturday 11:00am & 2:00pm performance.
**Actor appears through the courtes of the Actor's Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

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